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Thursday, 31 March 2011

1000 + 100

First milestone reached: 1000 views and 100 followers. In less than a month!

Thank you everybody for your support! It wouldn't be possible without every single viewer, follower and commenter. Thanks again!

I didn't write anything new yesterday or today. All because studying and reading your blogs! Yes, your blogs are so interesting they take half of my day away. That's weird, I wasn't doing it for so long before!

Thank you!

Monday, 28 March 2011


People talk much about freedom, liberty, rights, free market, capitalism etc. People think they are free. That's not true. The first example is surveillance.
Surveillance camera.
Public Domain.

What's so unusual about it? We're being observed all the time. The governments (yes, plural) collect information about every single citizen of Earth, beginning with the date of conception, never ending. The only possibility is that each person in your widely-understood family would die and leave no children. Otherwise they collect every data possible.

Let's follow a typical man in the street:
  • Parents have sex in the back seat of dad's car.
  • 1 month later mother notices there's something wrong with in her abdominals. She goes to a doctor, finds out she's pregnant.
The time between realisation and birth is irrelevant for us, but they know everything about grandparents denying their responsibility, mum crying her eyes out etc.
  • He's being born. What an unexpected thing.
  • He grows a little. At the age of 2 learns to speak.
  • One year later he goes to kindergarten. He's not a perfect kid for that, but he's accepted by the teachers.
  • After reaching the appropriate age (depending on country) he goes to primary school. He's not the best, but not the worst - average. He's being bullied for all these years, hoping for an end...
  • ...which doesn't come. Secondary school is the same, only the bullying isn't about food and cash any more, but it's about drugs, alcohol and cash. How unexpected.
  • University - drinking and studying. Some financial problems force him to get a part-time job. He's getting even worse at studying. Life is hard.
  • Graduation! Congratulations, you have now been officially given the title of unemployed.
  • Few years later he gets a job. Not a well paid one, but still a job.
  • Oh girl, you're so fine! Marry me!
  • Oh no! What do you mean by pregnant?!
  • The family is living pretty rough. Nothing special, no leisure. 
  • Retirement? I'm too young!
  • Death? I'm too young!
They know everything with all those omitted details we would never think about.
By Rafał Drożdżewski. CC 3.0
They can see all the roads. Whatever we do, they can see it. Every wrong turn, forgotten blinker, unfastened seatbelts. Everything. They watch every step you take.
I'm not talking about the Soviet Union. It's happening here and now - in the West (as we used to call it). Socialism (more communism, learn the difference if you don't know it yet) is still among us. In fact, most of the countries are ruled by socialists, than they are by capitalists. Even the United States, which everybody used to call a truly free country has become as socialist as the eastern communist countries. In the beginning of the 19th century. Watch Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism and then you'll know exactly what I mean.
By Xavier Snelgrove. CC 2.5
Remember - Big Brother is watching every step you take.

Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen.
George Orwell

This article is written by me in whole and no text was copied from any other site, except for the George Orwell's quote I used. It's my pure subjective opinion.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Here comes another thing in the world I love very very very much.

What's so special about coffee? I don't know!  Maybe it's the brilliant taste? Maybe it's because it boosts your metabolism, endorphins and dopamine production? I don't know and I don't really want to, I want coffee!
Heating up
 I'm an addict. I can't imagine a day without at least 1 cup/mug (cup = espresso, mug = espresso + milk) of coffee.
First drops of pure coffee essence
 In the afternoon instead of having a nap I make myself some coffee. It brightens up my mind and clears my thoughts. Gives me the boost to work.
Last drops
 Even if I'm well rested I drink coffee. It makes me feel good. And the taste is godly!
Pouring coffee into hot milk (preheated in the microwave)
 I like both: black and white coffee. Black is better for a quick energy boost and white has better taste. Black boost is shorter and stronger while white boost is longer and weaker.
The coffee is getting its beautiful brown colour
I can drink coffee all the time. If somebody wants to make me coffee, I don't even think about rejecting the offer.

Ready coffee right on my desk.
It's a bit brighter because of the milk foam

  The coffee in the picture above is still on my desk so I'll better drink it while it's still hot ;)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Illness and natural selection

Yesterday I got ill. I was sitting in class and just feeling joint ache. It's flu. Because of that I've felt really bad yesterday and wasn't able to even reply to your comments.

But enough of that. While being able to think straightly enough I was at a camp-fire and this is just the thing I love. You might call me a pyromaniac and you'd be almost right. I know how to handle fire safely, but that's not the issue.
It's just embers. Phonecam.
Take a look at the picture. The embers seem purple even though in reality they were bright orange and white. Maybe my camera's matrix treats UV or IR as violet? That would be interesting. If you know the reason - please leave a comment.

Today I had a short conversation about natural selection with someone very close and special to me.

Ultrasound of Cryptorchidism. GNU FDL
Natural selection is a thing, that stopped working a few years ago. Because of the progress of medicine people, who were chosen to die, live long years with their genetic diseases. This post may be cruel and heartless, but read carefully and think about it yourself. Btw I want to be a doctor myself.
A few examples of diseases:
  • Cryptorchidism - means your testicles didn't descend from the abdominal cavity to the scrotum ergo the temperature is too high for them to produce sperms and you can't reproduce. However thanks to medicine a patient can have his testicles descended surgically --- he can reproduce normally! He can pass the faulty gene further and further and further. I know cryptorchidism isn't caused in major by genes but the environment, however genes are the trigger that makes it possible. The environment is just a tool.

    An ultrasound of a child with Down's syndrome. GNU FDL
  • Down's syndrome - it's not lethal for the foetus,  but for an adult without somebody to care about him. An ill person wouldn't manage on his own. Genetically the syndrome is a trisomy of the 21st chromosome. The patient can't reproduce and pass the genes to further generations. There's a small but: there are some risk factors conjoined with environment (cigarettes, heat, stress, noise etc.) and mother's age that people know about, but don't care. Yes, people don't care if their child might be genetically ill for whole his life because of parents' behaviour. That's mental illness, I suppose.

The risk of having a child with Down's syndrome according to mother's age. PD

  • Huntington's disease - you've probably heard of it thanks to Thirteen from House. It's lethal, it's genetic. More of that: it's autosomal dominant, which means it can't be just omitted during mejosis. It will certainly affect the children. Therefore the only way to stop the disease is to stop reproduction.
There are many other genetic diseases that would kill patients without proper treatment (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, Burkitt's lymphoma, all types of cancer and many others), but this is enough.
As a summary I'd like to make a notice: I don't think people should be instantly killed when they have a genetic disease. There are some pairs of genotypes that will always cause a disease, but if the pair is divided and every person finds another partner, there might be no risk of a disease. There are many ways to stop genetic diseases, but the key is to educate people about the consequences of their own behaviour and decisions they make every day. As an addition: abortion is also wrong.

I don't want to agitate anybody. Just think about it and come with your own attitude.

    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Winter tyres

    Yep. Every winter and summer we need to change tyres in our cars, so they are appropriate for the current weather.
    A wheel of a Volkswagen Transporter. Somewhere on the street.
    I hate changing tyres. Lifting the car, unscrewing 5 bolts, beating the old wheel off, putting the new wheel on, screwing 5 bolts, lowering the car. And all that 4 times. It's so damn annoying even though it's not tiring nor expensive. It's just the fact, that I have to do something like that for my safety.

    I know it's impossible to make a truly universal tyre, that would have good grip on snow, wet asphalt and dry asphalt. But I'd be the happiest man in the world (like probably many other drivers) if somebody invented a tyre like this.

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    Bicycle lanes

    I enjoy riding a bike very much. It's comfortable, cheap, relaxing and healthy. The most important thing though is the possibility to avoid traffic. It let's you be much faster than a car. For example: me and my brother leave home at 7:00 PM with the same goal. I take my bike and my brother takes the car. The route is 8km. 12 minutes later I'm already sitting next to my bike and drinking some water while my brother didn't reach the half of the way yet.
    Why? It's because of the heavy traffic in my town. In larger cities it's even worse.

    The time would be even better if there were more bike lanes. They're important, but still very annoying.
    A horizontal sign indicating a bike lane here in Nowy Sącz.
    Pedestrians consider them ordinary pavements. That's annoying as hell. You're going at full speed and suddenly have to decide whether to lose your full speed, crash in to people or bail on the grass or so. It wouldn't be that way if people knew the difference between a bike lane and a pavement. Damn it makes me angry.
    Same place, vertical sign meaning that the left side of the lane
    is pedestrian-only and the right side is bicycle-only. READ IT PEOPLE!

    The other annoying thing is the amount of bike lanes in Poland. In Nowy Sącz it is a total of about 8km AFAIR. Compared to Munich, where almost every street has a bike lane, it's damn nothing.

    How is it about using a bike as a primary means of transport where you live? Do you like it? Share your opinion.

    Saturday, 19 March 2011

    Soft drinks (so that there's no spoiler in the title)

    This post is NOT an advertisement. It's just my opinion and screw the trademarks.

    Name an awesome soft drink? Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, tonic, some sodas. Name the most awesome soft drink? Cherry fucking Coke. I don't usually swear in here, but Cherry Coke makes me so excited.
    It's Cherry Coke. IT'S CHERRY COOOOKE!
    It's my sixth year in the school I'm currently attending (3+3 for gymnasium and lyceum which together make a secondary school). Every day I buy at least a tin of Cherry Coke. It's the drink of the gods, it's AMBROSIA! I call it the taste of school. That taste makes me nearly orgasmic. God, I want a Cherry Coke factory next to my home...
    ...or a vending machine at least. There's a vending machine at my school (that's why there's so easy to get some Cherry) and it makes my so happy I couldn't live without it.
    My love <3
    What's your favourite drink?

    Friday, 18 March 2011

    Media Law

    That's outrageous! Do you know what's the Polish government about to do? THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE INTERNET! 

    What do they actually want to do? They want to gradually increase governmental control over the Internet. The current bill is about to make every businessman willing to display a film on his website have to register that film as a massive media service and, obviously, pay a specific tax. THAT'S INSANE!

    That's true socialism. Yes, socialism. Everybody, who thinks, that there is no more socialism, IS WRONG. Few more years and there will be a policeman above your arm watching what you're doing on the Internet and forbidding you to watch films on YouTube, upload pictures to Photobucket or add friends on Facebook. That's totally insane.

    Wednesday, 16 March 2011

    Public transport

    There are few means of public transport people use every day: buses, trams and trolleybuses. They are very useful to everyone. I can't imagine my daily routine without riding a bus.
    MAN NL222

    Another MAN NL222
    There is a lot of annoying things in buses. Crowd is one of them. When you ride a bus during the (zerg)rush hour it is nearly impossible to move around. No wonder, the bus was made to contain 70 people (20 sitting + 50 standing) while it's carrying at lease 90. That's the time when I feel like a sardine in a tin. Many old people (where do they go anyway?), youngsters, mothers with babies and all other types of people are filling the bus to the edges. When the driver opens the door people are spilling out like rice or grain. Why don't they just increase the number of lines or something like that? Less people would ride the same bus.
    Solbus B9,5
    Buses are mostly almost 30 years old (in use since 1983) in my town. It annoys me LIKE HELL. The stench, the noise, the slowness... Can't say anything more, just look at the pictures:
    A 28-year-old Jelcz PR110M (a successor to Jelcz PR100, a copy of
    the French Berliet PR100)

    Another Jelcz PR110M

    They recently bought 10 new Polish Autosan buses and several German MAN buses. That cheers me up a little bit.
    The new Autosan Sancity 9LE buses.
    Photo by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne

    It all annoys me and brings me sorrow, but as I said before: I can't imagine my daily routine without public transport. I love buses. They are (mostly) all I need to get around.

    What about you? Do you use public transport? Share your experience.

    Pointless prohibitions

    About previous post: I have to study a lot and that's what annoys me. Having no time for blogging is just a consequence.

    Prohibitions are made of various reasons: personal inconvenience, health, taxes, security and many other a human could possibly imagine. Some of them have purpose, some don't.
    A pier in Puck, Pomorskie, northern Poland.
    Take a good look at the above picture. What can we see? A pier on which people aren't allowed to walk. That's just stupid! Notice the cobbled pavement - it's made for walking! Not for staring at! How could I possibly sit on those benches if I'm not allowed to get there? Do I need a helicopter or a Harrier? I can't imagine WHY is that sign standing there.

    Have you seen some equally stupid prohibitions? Tell me about them. Share pictures if available, please.

    Tuesday, 15 March 2011

    School pt. 2

    School annoys me even more lately. It's because of how much I must study.
    Chemistry problem book.
    It's mostly chemistry and biology, however Russian gives me a hard time too. I don't have time to blog, so unfortunately I'll post and comment less often than I was so far. Sorry for that, hope to get back to normal soon.

    Saturday, 12 March 2011

    Student drivers

    Everybody knows them, every driver has been one of them. I shouldn't complain about them, for I was one of them only a year ago. There's something annoying about them anyway.
    One of the student cars. Mitsubishi Colt. It's an exam car for drivers here in my town.
    Noticed the L on the roof? This means it's a student driver.
    Every spring and summer they burst onto the streets. Literally! There is one student driver on another!
    All people can make mistakes. Especially at the beginning of doing something. I understand. The problem is, that when there is SO MUCH student drivers here, the traffic is being slowed down very much and you're afraid when you're approaching a junction. That's making me crazy!
    Another student car. Toyota Yaris.
    Student cars are specific and different from normal cars. On the outside they are marked with an L board and extra mirrors for the teacher. On the inside there are extra brake and clutch pedals for the teacher.
    Note: most of cars in Poland have manual gearbox.

    What is your experience with student drivers? Tell me.

    I'm going to the hills today, so updates will be posted automatically. I'll check your updates and answer comments tomorrow.

    Friday, 11 March 2011

    Fat Thursday

    Last Thursday, 3th of march, there was a holiday here in Poland called Fat Thursday. I've just found a picture I've taken of the doughnuts my mum made for that occasion. They were yum as hell. I ate about ten of them.

    What annoys me about Fat Thursday and doughnuts? Absolutely nothing. THEY ARE AWESOME!
    Sorry for the quality, I took the picture in a hurry. I didn't remember it until today either.

    If you don't know what Fat Thursday is, check this part of the Wikipedia article about that holiday:
    Fat Thursday (German Fetter Donnerstag, Schmotziger Donnerstag, or in areas where carnival is celebrated Weiberfastnacht; Greek Τσικνοπέμπτη (Tsiknopempti) ; Polish Tłusty czwartek) is a traditional Polish, Greek and German feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast would not be until Easter. It is similar to, but should not be confused with, the French festival of Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday"). Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, when people meet in their homes or cafés with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent. Among the most popular all-national dishes served on that day are pączki or berliner, fist-sized donuts filled with rose marmalade, and faworki, French dough fingers served with lots of powdered sugar.

    Thursday, 10 March 2011

    No parking

    Another thing annoying me is the no parking road sign.
    A no parking sign. It literally means you can't stop your car for more than
    1 minute, which makes you unable to park there.

    In the majority of Polish towns and cities there are specified areas, in which parking is forbidden or allowed. Each area has it's own rate, allowed way and time of parking, car mass, car height. It seems OK, but it doesn't work the way it should.

    If I live in a certain town or city I pay taxes of every kind. In addition I'm driving a car, so there's another shitload of taxes I pay simply by filling up the car or registering it. I pay the administration just for the possibility to have a car.

    If the government takes so much of my money, why do I have pay even more for parking? In my town (I mean the centre of it) you must pay to park in every possible place (excluding those with a no parking sign, where you could also park without doing any harm to anybody, except for yourself getting a ticket). The closest you are to the main square, the more you have to pay. That's madness! Most of the money I spend on driving is meant for the administration and they still want more? They're just like the pigs from George Orwell's Animal Farm and this means that socialism is still alive amongst those, who call themselves liberals and capitalists.

    What do you think about parking? Do you share my frustration?

    Tuesday, 8 March 2011

    International Women's Day

    Hello everyone!
    Today's the International Women's Day, so I'd like to thank all the ladies following me for reading. Thank you!

    This is for the ladies
    Photograph taken & photomanipulation done today by me.

    Some facts:
    - International Women's Day is celebrated by the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Ecuador, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, Israel, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Syria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia. (From Wikipedia)
    - In many regions, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day. (From Wikipedia)
    - In Poland (where I was raised and live currently) this day is an occasion for men to express their love, fondness and adoration to all women in their lives (e.g. mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, fiancées, wives and just any female friends they might like) which makes it different from Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

    Hope you like it ;)

    Microwave brownies

    You all seemed interested in the previous post about creative meal, so I've decided to post something more about food.

    Click pictures to zoom in

    You've probably seen a graphic on the web, guiding on how to make brownies in 3 minutes:
    The original recipe from the Internet
    But have you ever tried to bake it? I did, and even photographed each step (except for microwaving). There was just a small difference in the recipe: I used butter instead of oil (better taste) and microwaved for 4 minutes (my oven is 10 years old, so I had to assume it lost some of its power).



    Step 1 - mix flour, sugar and cocoa
    Step 2 - spoon in an egg
    Step 3 - pour in milk and oil, mix well
    Step 3.1 - after mixing
    Step 4 and 5 - after microwaving
    Step 6 - out of the mug
    Step 6 - the brownie while eating

    Bon appétit!

    Monday, 7 March 2011

    Creative meal

    Food can also be annoying. Especially when I want to eat something creative at night and there's nothing ready to eat and I have to cook something. I could just take some bread, cheese, ham and butter and make sandwiches, but as I mentioned before I want something creative. Yes, I want something creative.
    I'll teach you how to cook something creative and impressive with anything you can find in your (mother's) kitchen.

    First: Ingredients (note: I like my meal salty, sour and HOT)
    Meat and rice
    You'll need to get some meat of any type you like and some rice. Rice can be mixed up with anything and still be tasty and meat is absolutely necessary. If you don't have meat, just revert to scrambled eggs or sandwiches.
    A picture by German Wikipedia user Politikaner
    These two ingredients are the most important. They are the base of everything you'll be adding later.
    For yesterday's meal I chose: tinned pork - the only meat except ham I could find in my refrigerator at 2 AM.

    Why is meat so important? Because we've got those -->

    Some oil
    Sunflower oil, olive oil, whatever you like. Butter will do also. 

    Vegetables you like
    I know not everybody likes them, but vegetables can be awesome spices. They actually usually are, but we don't notice it. Pick something you like or might like and chop it up small. Really small. Like 5x5x5mm (0.2x0.2x0.2in) cubes or something close to that.
    I usually choose: paprika and cucumbers (however last night I was too lazy to do all the chopping, so I skipped this part)

    Solid spices
    I don't mean like a golf ball sized crystals of salt, but mean all those spices, that aren't sauces or something. Pick anything you like.
    My choice: salt, black pepper, chilli, cultivated mustard, coriander, juniper, marjoram, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic, onion, curry

    Liquid spices
    Take all the sauces and pastes you like and think might in any way suit your needs.
    My choice: hot ketchup (really hot), hot Thai red curry paste, hot mustard, soy sauce

    That's all, I think.

    Second: Preparation
    1) Meat and rice
    Get a frying pan and a saucepan. It is very important to do it right now so you don't have to wait for the rice.
    Pour some oil on the frying pan, fill the saucepan with water +some salt and start warming them up.
    Chop the meat up small and when the oil is hot, put it on the frying pan. When water begins to boil, throw some rice in. The amount is for you to decide. Stir both frequently.

    2) Solid spices
    Now it's the time to add all the solid spices into the meat. It's done now, because you want to make sure that all the spices give their precious taste and smell to the meat. This will become the taste of glory. You remember to stir everything frequently, don't you?

    3) Vegetables you like
    Wait until the meat is scorched as much as you like it to be. When it is, now it's time to throw the vegetables in. Just do it, if you have pre-chopped them. If not, do it now and then throw in. Remember to stir both pans frequently.

    4) Liquid spices
    Now it's time to add sauces. Why so late? They get frazzled easily and nobody wants it to happen. Add the sauces and double the stirring frequency. Now it's important as hell.

    5) Add rice
    When there is just a little water left in the saucepan with rice, pour it all onto the frying pan. Stir very very very well. If you think stirring won't change anything more, revert to the first stirring frequency and wait for the excess amount of water to vaporise.
    The last part: vaporisation

    When you think it looks OK, pour it all onto a plate.

    Third: Consumption!
    Take the plate, grab a fork and eat! Be careful not to burn your mouth.
    Bon appétit!

    Sunday, 6 March 2011


    That's something everybody is annoyed by. Why? Just have a look:
    Snow + water + grass + mud = something nobody can describe.

    I've posted this morning already, however the meltdown got me so angry I couldn't resist to tell you how annoyed I am.

    Does it need any further explanation? I don't think so. The picture describes all...

    In case your climate doesn't let you experience this: the soil is saturated with water and the snow is melting, which means melted snow doesn't sink in the soil, but stays on top of it. That makes the water be much worse than it is while rain etc. It's getting inside your shoes before you even notice there is water on the ground.
    I can't say anything more unless I want to crush the keyboard.

    Saturday, 5 March 2011

    The Lord of the Rings

    I bet most of you have seen The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Don't you think it's awesome or at least cool? Sure, everybody does.

    Today while chatting with a friend of mine, an idea has summoned into our minds: What if there were more female characters in LotR? That would be awesome! After drinking a few cups of coffee the idea was complete. Let's get to the beginning.

    Everybody loves LotR (as said above), but who is the largest group of recipients? It's obvious:
    Most of The Lord of the Rings' viewers are female.
    - Why? - you might ask - That film is filled with war and slaughtering hordes of various humanoid races! How could it possibly be that way?
    That's another pretty obvious thing. LotR is filled with ultra-masculine killing machines (Boromir, Aragorn, Theoden etc.) and pretty boys (Legolas, Frodo, a whole bunch of damn elves etc.). With that combination every girl must find a man suiting her needs in this film. The crazy chicks would prefer to help Boromir killing a legion of orcs, an ordinary girl would sell her soul for a night with Aragorn and those silent little romantic girls would cut their ears for a chance to listen to Legolas' beautiful, delicate and soft voice. (see the paradox?)
    That's not all. Brilliant music only deepens the feeling between girls and Peter Jackson's film-tape. Long hours of symphonic melodies hypnotise every Barr body owner and pours lots of jelly into their panties. That seals all.

    So, what if we would like more men to be interested in the film?
    Add more women.
    Imagine LotR like this: Frodo is a big breasted short girl (NO hair on feet), who steals a ring from her uncle Bilbo blah blah blah you know the story. Sam - her best friend since kindergarten. They used to play with the same toys and now they are BFF and travel together all the time. She once heard a conversation between Frodo and Gandalf blah blah blah. Wouldn't that be interesting? Two hot girls travelling all the way from Shire to Mordor? Lads would sit on their butts for the whole film without a single move! They would be hypnotised as well! Only two more female characters in the film and thousands of young and old men are watching it time and time again. Imagine what would happen if we added even more women... We would starve to death, men.
    Before anybody asks it: NO, I certainly do NOT think Arwen isn't hot enough. She just isn't the main character and her story can't be extended enough to hypnotise so many people, however she does it already in a certain way. Those lips have made many men go mad.

    What do you think about it? Would you add some women to The Lord of the Rings trilogy? I would.

    Friday, 4 March 2011

    Donating blood

    This is another post about things that annoy me. 

    A vial of blood.
    Blood donations are important. When you donate half a litre of blood, you have the time to regenerate it. For your blood you receive some chocolate (to regain energy and iron), meat (for proteins) and juice (for some basic vitamins and water). A human organism needs all that to produce the blood you lost. Some people experience car accidents or other misfortunes causing them to lose a huge amount of blood. This is when they have no time to regenerate it and need a transfusion.
    For this reason I think donating blood is noble and honourable. Every person on the planet should do it.

    I have been donating blood for about 6 months and today was the first time I wasn't qualified. Why? Because the doctor was convinced I still hadn't cured my herpes libialis, which I've been carrying for about 3 weeks, which means the virus was cured and the thing on my face was just a scar because it was located in my lips' corner, what makes it tear almost every time I open my mouth. That's unfair as hell and I'm so angry I could break a wall now. 
    This is my lips' corner. As you can possibly see the scar doesn't contain blisters any more.

    Had you got any experience of this type?

    Thursday, 3 March 2011


    So this is my first post here.

    This blog is going to be some sort of a commentary to the reality I happen to live in. As the blog's title suggests, most of what I write is going to be about things that annoy me (but also things I like). The first one is school.

    School isn't annoying itself. It's necessary to the society for the school to be, so there's less uneducated people living amongst us. What bothers me about school is the amount of time it consumes, overprotective teachers and some of the students, which happen to be spoilt.

    Time consumption
    What it should look like?
    You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and pack yourself up. You go to school at about 7:40 am and come back home at about 2 pm. You can do your usual afternoon activities, hang out with friends, surf the Internet and finally go to sleep. You have no school work to do at home, because school is school and home is home. You don't have to worry about anything school-related at home. You have enough time to sleep so the next day you are well rested.

    What it really is like?
    You have to decide whether it is more important to do your homework and study for the next day's exam or to have some entertainment. If you choose to study hard, you won't have any pleasure in your life (including a girlfriend). Otherwise you're having a hell lot of great time but you end up with awfully low school grades. The time you have left to sleep isn't sufficient for any human being in this dimension. Maybe in a parallel universe people sleep 3-5 hours a day and they are happy to sleep sooooo long.

    Super teachers
    Every teacher is absolutely convinced his subject is above every other and expects you to know everything. Even if he doesn't know something himself, you must know it. 
    My expanded subject are: biology, chemistry and physics. I like them and understand them so I want to broaden my horizons in that scope. Unfortunately the teachers expect me to study every other subject (e.g. history, German, Russian, French, Polish, religion, PE) including those, I'll never use after secondary school like geography. I don't mean the localisation of countries, mountains, sees and so on, but the internal structure different types of soils, rocks and even whole continents. That's useless for me. Wouldn't be if I intended to study geography at university. Otherwise it's just a pointless waste of time.
    The teachers also like to remind us they are superior to us. There is no need to explain this.

    Spoilt children
    Don't they bother anybody? A kid comes to school and thinks everybody should serve him. School means hard work. Nobody will do anything for you. You have to do everything yourself. Nobody will help you. Nobody.
    When the spoilt child comes to realise the above facts, it begins to yell at the teachers (yes, the teachers) and tend to be hyperactive. Anything said about him can be a cause of a massive seizure (yes, it's a metaphor).
    I'd like to notice, that my school is very traditional. We call our teachers professors and no mentally healthy person would insult, hit or yell at a teacher. Except for the spoilt kids, but they aren't mentally healthy.

    Do you share the same feelings about school? Leave a comment below. Thanks in advance.