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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bicycle lanes

I enjoy riding a bike very much. It's comfortable, cheap, relaxing and healthy. The most important thing though is the possibility to avoid traffic. It let's you be much faster than a car. For example: me and my brother leave home at 7:00 PM with the same goal. I take my bike and my brother takes the car. The route is 8km. 12 minutes later I'm already sitting next to my bike and drinking some water while my brother didn't reach the half of the way yet.
Why? It's because of the heavy traffic in my town. In larger cities it's even worse.

The time would be even better if there were more bike lanes. They're important, but still very annoying.
A horizontal sign indicating a bike lane here in Nowy Sącz.
Pedestrians consider them ordinary pavements. That's annoying as hell. You're going at full speed and suddenly have to decide whether to lose your full speed, crash in to people or bail on the grass or so. It wouldn't be that way if people knew the difference between a bike lane and a pavement. Damn it makes me angry.
Same place, vertical sign meaning that the left side of the lane
is pedestrian-only and the right side is bicycle-only. READ IT PEOPLE!

The other annoying thing is the amount of bike lanes in Poland. In Nowy Sącz it is a total of about 8km AFAIR. Compared to Munich, where almost every street has a bike lane, it's damn nothing.

How is it about using a bike as a primary means of transport where you live? Do you like it? Share your opinion.


  1. The snow is all gone now, So I took my bike out for a spin yesterday. It feels good

  2. And exercise ftw (; Win win situation right here ;D

  3. I agree with you, I hate it also when the bikers drive on the street. In Germany it's pretty terrible.

  4. I am fine with Pedestrian side walks, I understand bike paths. But where do you skateboard? I prefer the streets, through cars.

  5. you know it: i hate bicyclists like me when i drive and i hate drivers like me when i ride my bike.. but in munich it's pretty good actually, although I already had two accidents with cars (never my fault), but what do you expect in such a big city

  6. I love bike lanes! I hate having to make left turns, though, as all the motorists in my area give me death stares and honk at me if I'm going a bit slower than their massive SUV can accelerate.

  7. sadly in germany bikers are only allowed to drive on the streets if they are over 18. its so annoying

  8. As a cyclist I feel strongly about this! Bicycle lanes mean...wait for it! BICYCLE LANES. It does not mean two hideously overweight mothers should walk side by side on it with two of those huge buggies or pushchairs/whatever. What REALLY grinds my gears is how they seem completely ignorant to everything around them! Like the sound of a cyclist just meters away trying to get past! Thanks man, that cleared some much needed rage from me today haha!

  9. @Killer salmon
    You're welcome as I totally agree.