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Monday, 7 March 2011

Creative meal

Food can also be annoying. Especially when I want to eat something creative at night and there's nothing ready to eat and I have to cook something. I could just take some bread, cheese, ham and butter and make sandwiches, but as I mentioned before I want something creative. Yes, I want something creative.
I'll teach you how to cook something creative and impressive with anything you can find in your (mother's) kitchen.

First: Ingredients (note: I like my meal salty, sour and HOT)
Meat and rice
You'll need to get some meat of any type you like and some rice. Rice can be mixed up with anything and still be tasty and meat is absolutely necessary. If you don't have meat, just revert to scrambled eggs or sandwiches.
A picture by German Wikipedia user Politikaner
These two ingredients are the most important. They are the base of everything you'll be adding later.
For yesterday's meal I chose: tinned pork - the only meat except ham I could find in my refrigerator at 2 AM.

Why is meat so important? Because we've got those -->

Some oil
Sunflower oil, olive oil, whatever you like. Butter will do also. 

Vegetables you like
I know not everybody likes them, but vegetables can be awesome spices. They actually usually are, but we don't notice it. Pick something you like or might like and chop it up small. Really small. Like 5x5x5mm (0.2x0.2x0.2in) cubes or something close to that.
I usually choose: paprika and cucumbers (however last night I was too lazy to do all the chopping, so I skipped this part)

Solid spices
I don't mean like a golf ball sized crystals of salt, but mean all those spices, that aren't sauces or something. Pick anything you like.
My choice: salt, black pepper, chilli, cultivated mustard, coriander, juniper, marjoram, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic, onion, curry

Liquid spices
Take all the sauces and pastes you like and think might in any way suit your needs.
My choice: hot ketchup (really hot), hot Thai red curry paste, hot mustard, soy sauce

That's all, I think.

Second: Preparation
1) Meat and rice
Get a frying pan and a saucepan. It is very important to do it right now so you don't have to wait for the rice.
Pour some oil on the frying pan, fill the saucepan with water +some salt and start warming them up.
Chop the meat up small and when the oil is hot, put it on the frying pan. When water begins to boil, throw some rice in. The amount is for you to decide. Stir both frequently.

2) Solid spices
Now it's the time to add all the solid spices into the meat. It's done now, because you want to make sure that all the spices give their precious taste and smell to the meat. This will become the taste of glory. You remember to stir everything frequently, don't you?

3) Vegetables you like
Wait until the meat is scorched as much as you like it to be. When it is, now it's time to throw the vegetables in. Just do it, if you have pre-chopped them. If not, do it now and then throw in. Remember to stir both pans frequently.

4) Liquid spices
Now it's time to add sauces. Why so late? They get frazzled easily and nobody wants it to happen. Add the sauces and double the stirring frequency. Now it's important as hell.

5) Add rice
When there is just a little water left in the saucepan with rice, pour it all onto the frying pan. Stir very very very well. If you think stirring won't change anything more, revert to the first stirring frequency and wait for the excess amount of water to vaporise.
The last part: vaporisation

When you think it looks OK, pour it all onto a plate.

Third: Consumption!
Take the plate, grab a fork and eat! Be careful not to burn your mouth.
Bon appétit!


  1. that does not look very tasty at all :( sorry man

  2. I prefer my meat prepared the same way! Great looking meal!

  3. I am horrible at cooking and I really want to get started, your post is very informing for beginners.
    I'm too lazy to actually try it out, but I will ( loosely) remember this recipe for the future.

  4. thnx for the recipe!

  5. Dude this isn't even fair right now, I'm starving!

  6. @Bluntmasta Flex
    That's the point! After a few steps you get a tasty meal no matter what time it is!

  7. looks foul, but i from the ingredients this looks like it will taste AMAZING. i am always interested in new recipes, i'll have to try it out some time