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Friday, 4 March 2011

Donating blood

This is another post about things that annoy me. 

A vial of blood.
Blood donations are important. When you donate half a litre of blood, you have the time to regenerate it. For your blood you receive some chocolate (to regain energy and iron), meat (for proteins) and juice (for some basic vitamins and water). A human organism needs all that to produce the blood you lost. Some people experience car accidents or other misfortunes causing them to lose a huge amount of blood. This is when they have no time to regenerate it and need a transfusion.
For this reason I think donating blood is noble and honourable. Every person on the planet should do it.

I have been donating blood for about 6 months and today was the first time I wasn't qualified. Why? Because the doctor was convinced I still hadn't cured my herpes libialis, which I've been carrying for about 3 weeks, which means the virus was cured and the thing on my face was just a scar because it was located in my lips' corner, what makes it tear almost every time I open my mouth. That's unfair as hell and I'm so angry I could break a wall now. 
This is my lips' corner. As you can possibly see the scar doesn't contain blisters any more.

Had you got any experience of this type?


  1. i guess just to be safe, they didnt want to take any risks.

  2. Maybe, but they should know how much time it takes to heal the infection excluding the scar, I think

  3. If they paid people in Britain for donating, you would get alot more people doing it here.

  4. It's nice that you want to help people so badly :)

  5. I'm donating blood for years every month now. It adds Karma.

  6. I guess they are just playing it safe. I've only donated blood once. I cried a little.

  7. me and my friend donated blood, and celebrated with 3 beers each.
    wow. heavy 3 beers with lack of blood. ;)

  8. not started but i will definitely donate blood as soon as i can

  9. I guess it's best to 'play it safe,' but I understand your frustration.

  10. I have never tried it before so I can't really say