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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Illness and natural selection

Yesterday I got ill. I was sitting in class and just feeling joint ache. It's flu. Because of that I've felt really bad yesterday and wasn't able to even reply to your comments.

But enough of that. While being able to think straightly enough I was at a camp-fire and this is just the thing I love. You might call me a pyromaniac and you'd be almost right. I know how to handle fire safely, but that's not the issue.
It's just embers. Phonecam.
Take a look at the picture. The embers seem purple even though in reality they were bright orange and white. Maybe my camera's matrix treats UV or IR as violet? That would be interesting. If you know the reason - please leave a comment.

Today I had a short conversation about natural selection with someone very close and special to me.

Ultrasound of Cryptorchidism. GNU FDL
Natural selection is a thing, that stopped working a few years ago. Because of the progress of medicine people, who were chosen to die, live long years with their genetic diseases. This post may be cruel and heartless, but read carefully and think about it yourself. Btw I want to be a doctor myself.
A few examples of diseases:
  • Cryptorchidism - means your testicles didn't descend from the abdominal cavity to the scrotum ergo the temperature is too high for them to produce sperms and you can't reproduce. However thanks to medicine a patient can have his testicles descended surgically --- he can reproduce normally! He can pass the faulty gene further and further and further. I know cryptorchidism isn't caused in major by genes but the environment, however genes are the trigger that makes it possible. The environment is just a tool.

    An ultrasound of a child with Down's syndrome. GNU FDL
  • Down's syndrome - it's not lethal for the foetus,  but for an adult without somebody to care about him. An ill person wouldn't manage on his own. Genetically the syndrome is a trisomy of the 21st chromosome. The patient can't reproduce and pass the genes to further generations. There's a small but: there are some risk factors conjoined with environment (cigarettes, heat, stress, noise etc.) and mother's age that people know about, but don't care. Yes, people don't care if their child might be genetically ill for whole his life because of parents' behaviour. That's mental illness, I suppose.

The risk of having a child with Down's syndrome according to mother's age. PD

  • Huntington's disease - you've probably heard of it thanks to Thirteen from House. It's lethal, it's genetic. More of that: it's autosomal dominant, which means it can't be just omitted during mejosis. It will certainly affect the children. Therefore the only way to stop the disease is to stop reproduction.
There are many other genetic diseases that would kill patients without proper treatment (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, Burkitt's lymphoma, all types of cancer and many others), but this is enough.
As a summary I'd like to make a notice: I don't think people should be instantly killed when they have a genetic disease. There are some pairs of genotypes that will always cause a disease, but if the pair is divided and every person finds another partner, there might be no risk of a disease. There are many ways to stop genetic diseases, but the key is to educate people about the consequences of their own behaviour and decisions they make every day. As an addition: abortion is also wrong.

I don't want to agitate anybody. Just think about it and come with your own attitude.


    1. possibly the most educational post i have ever seen bro keep it up! btw, what part of poland do you live in? i lived in Warsaw in 08

    2. Well i know i'm ganna have a child early :D

    3. @Yazure
      Nowy Sącz, near Cracow, Małopolskie (south)

      @Adi Avishalom
      That's one of the greatest decisions in your and your child's life

    4. Natural selection is a bitch. It's almost like nature forces people to reproduce early. Ha.

    5. Natural selection is what made us Homo sapiens.

      Compassion is what makes us Human.


    6. mm interesting to know ...

    7. @Jay.CA
      Isn't compassion what makes you want the best life for your children? It is.

    8. I agree that it is a bad thing to not have natural selection in all cases. I'm not the one being cruel, that's natural selection. Natural selection is meant to let the strongest survive, but it all has a sense; by going medical we don't really 'solve' our problems, meaning our weaknesses will grow to such an extent that on a day it could cause a serious problem.

    9. Very interesting. :D Folowed btw

    10. Your right and theres more and more dumb people in the world no thanks to natural selection

    11. wow i love the phonecam picture. looks so magic, even though its just embers =)

    12. Having kids, is to scary for me. I don't know if I have it in me to raise em :/

    13. natural selection should do the job, not us