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Thursday, 3 March 2011


So this is my first post here.

This blog is going to be some sort of a commentary to the reality I happen to live in. As the blog's title suggests, most of what I write is going to be about things that annoy me (but also things I like). The first one is school.

School isn't annoying itself. It's necessary to the society for the school to be, so there's less uneducated people living amongst us. What bothers me about school is the amount of time it consumes, overprotective teachers and some of the students, which happen to be spoilt.

Time consumption
What it should look like?
You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and pack yourself up. You go to school at about 7:40 am and come back home at about 2 pm. You can do your usual afternoon activities, hang out with friends, surf the Internet and finally go to sleep. You have no school work to do at home, because school is school and home is home. You don't have to worry about anything school-related at home. You have enough time to sleep so the next day you are well rested.

What it really is like?
You have to decide whether it is more important to do your homework and study for the next day's exam or to have some entertainment. If you choose to study hard, you won't have any pleasure in your life (including a girlfriend). Otherwise you're having a hell lot of great time but you end up with awfully low school grades. The time you have left to sleep isn't sufficient for any human being in this dimension. Maybe in a parallel universe people sleep 3-5 hours a day and they are happy to sleep sooooo long.

Super teachers
Every teacher is absolutely convinced his subject is above every other and expects you to know everything. Even if he doesn't know something himself, you must know it. 
My expanded subject are: biology, chemistry and physics. I like them and understand them so I want to broaden my horizons in that scope. Unfortunately the teachers expect me to study every other subject (e.g. history, German, Russian, French, Polish, religion, PE) including those, I'll never use after secondary school like geography. I don't mean the localisation of countries, mountains, sees and so on, but the internal structure different types of soils, rocks and even whole continents. That's useless for me. Wouldn't be if I intended to study geography at university. Otherwise it's just a pointless waste of time.
The teachers also like to remind us they are superior to us. There is no need to explain this.

Spoilt children
Don't they bother anybody? A kid comes to school and thinks everybody should serve him. School means hard work. Nobody will do anything for you. You have to do everything yourself. Nobody will help you. Nobody.
When the spoilt child comes to realise the above facts, it begins to yell at the teachers (yes, the teachers) and tend to be hyperactive. Anything said about him can be a cause of a massive seizure (yes, it's a metaphor).
I'd like to notice, that my school is very traditional. We call our teachers professors and no mentally healthy person would insult, hit or yell at a teacher. Except for the spoilt kids, but they aren't mentally healthy.

Do you share the same feelings about school? Leave a comment below. Thanks in advance.


  1. hey very nice post, polish schools are interesting to read about.
    I'll check back for more posts, following

  2. seems your education is pretty serious!
    congrats on the blog xD

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion on spoilt brats, just today one kid at my place got ripped a new one (figuratively) by our choir teacher.