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Friday, 18 March 2011

Media Law

That's outrageous! Do you know what's the Polish government about to do? THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE INTERNET! 

What do they actually want to do? They want to gradually increase governmental control over the Internet. The current bill is about to make every businessman willing to display a film on his website have to register that film as a massive media service and, obviously, pay a specific tax. THAT'S INSANE!

That's true socialism. Yes, socialism. Everybody, who thinks, that there is no more socialism, IS WRONG. Few more years and there will be a policeman above your arm watching what you're doing on the Internet and forbidding you to watch films on YouTube, upload pictures to Photobucket or add friends on Facebook. That's totally insane.


  1. In the U.S. companies are putting limits on the amount of internet each person can use per day or month. And even the president is trying to keep it so that "if necessary" they can turn off the entire internet.
    Pretty crazy if you ask me. And F'ed up.

  2. Yeah, governments really need to keep their hands off the internet

  3. We can't let this happen. If people start tolerating such behaviour in one country, then governments all over the world will think it's alright to enforce these kind of laws in their own countries.

  4. This is trying to get done here in the States as well. Google Net Neutrality

  5. this is insane.... suck for you polish people if they get this through