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Thursday, 10 March 2011

No parking

Another thing annoying me is the no parking road sign.
A no parking sign. It literally means you can't stop your car for more than
1 minute, which makes you unable to park there.

In the majority of Polish towns and cities there are specified areas, in which parking is forbidden or allowed. Each area has it's own rate, allowed way and time of parking, car mass, car height. It seems OK, but it doesn't work the way it should.

If I live in a certain town or city I pay taxes of every kind. In addition I'm driving a car, so there's another shitload of taxes I pay simply by filling up the car or registering it. I pay the administration just for the possibility to have a car.

If the government takes so much of my money, why do I have pay even more for parking? In my town (I mean the centre of it) you must pay to park in every possible place (excluding those with a no parking sign, where you could also park without doing any harm to anybody, except for yourself getting a ticket). The closest you are to the main square, the more you have to pay. That's madness! Most of the money I spend on driving is meant for the administration and they still want more? They're just like the pigs from George Orwell's Animal Farm and this means that socialism is still alive amongst those, who call themselves liberals and capitalists.

What do you think about parking? Do you share my frustration?


  1. i agree, i hate the parking system

  2. Who isn't annoyed by those areas that seem so innocent to park in... But are taken away by the rich or powerful?

  3. we're going to be charged for everything in the future...even breathing

  4. Well, the sign is very colorful. And that does sound painful to deal with every day.
    I don't drive yet, but I wont have to deal with that kind of hassle unless I go to a BIG over crowded city. Every where else is fine.

  5. Los Angeles has pretty terrible parking. Though there aren't as many rules as you guys do, the problem lies in the fact that there are just too many cars in the same place.

  6. I have no idea what's going on because I never drive in a car. I guess I understand that it sucks when you can't just park your car anywhere, but have to find a parking spot and pay for it.

  7. It's times like this when I can try to justify not having a drivers license yet :P

  8. they're really annoying, but i dont understand why they don't just make more parking areas

  9. what annoys me even more are the people that park in there and block my driveway. THATS annoying for me

  10. You know, this is one thing that makes me glad to be American. Parking restrictions, fees and requirements? How about just parking your damn car wherever you want?

  11. @TheHarvester
    I don't mind them forbidding parking in a place, where it really matters, but in places you could park without hurting ANYBODY (except for the administration by parking somewhere outside the parking area)

    This is the first time I envy somebody for living in the USA. I envy you so mush right now...

  12. Yeah parking in Vancouver sucks too...