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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pointless prohibitions

About previous post: I have to study a lot and that's what annoys me. Having no time for blogging is just a consequence.

Prohibitions are made of various reasons: personal inconvenience, health, taxes, security and many other a human could possibly imagine. Some of them have purpose, some don't.
A pier in Puck, Pomorskie, northern Poland.
Take a good look at the above picture. What can we see? A pier on which people aren't allowed to walk. That's just stupid! Notice the cobbled pavement - it's made for walking! Not for staring at! How could I possibly sit on those benches if I'm not allowed to get there? Do I need a helicopter or a Harrier? I can't imagine WHY is that sign standing there.

Have you seen some equally stupid prohibitions? Tell me about them. Share pictures if available, please.


  1. does that sign not mean it's a pedestrian-only area? There's no line over the person, so I don't think it's saying people can't walk there.

  2. haha very true, hmm can't think of any.

  3. THIS
    ^^^ This means it is a pedestrian-only area.
    In Poland prohibition signs don't have a line over it.
    Polish prohibition signs.

  4. Maybe everything there is full of traps :O

  5. Whatever that sign means, I want it in my garden. Alongside the rest of my sign collection.