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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Public transport

There are few means of public transport people use every day: buses, trams and trolleybuses. They are very useful to everyone. I can't imagine my daily routine without riding a bus.

Another MAN NL222
There is a lot of annoying things in buses. Crowd is one of them. When you ride a bus during the (zerg)rush hour it is nearly impossible to move around. No wonder, the bus was made to contain 70 people (20 sitting + 50 standing) while it's carrying at lease 90. That's the time when I feel like a sardine in a tin. Many old people (where do they go anyway?), youngsters, mothers with babies and all other types of people are filling the bus to the edges. When the driver opens the door people are spilling out like rice or grain. Why don't they just increase the number of lines or something like that? Less people would ride the same bus.
Solbus B9,5
Buses are mostly almost 30 years old (in use since 1983) in my town. It annoys me LIKE HELL. The stench, the noise, the slowness... Can't say anything more, just look at the pictures:
A 28-year-old Jelcz PR110M (a successor to Jelcz PR100, a copy of
the French Berliet PR100)

Another Jelcz PR110M

They recently bought 10 new Polish Autosan buses and several German MAN buses. That cheers me up a little bit.
The new Autosan Sancity 9LE buses.
Photo by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne

It all annoys me and brings me sorrow, but as I said before: I can't imagine my daily routine without public transport. I love buses. They are (mostly) all I need to get around.

What about you? Do you use public transport? Share your experience.


  1. I use the tram everyday to get to my university. in prague there are lots of old trams and some new ones. I somehow always have to ride the old ones -> 20 seats, rest standing, always full, stinking people.. sucks.

  2. Man i hate when buses never come on fucking time

  3. I use the bus everyday I go to college. I take the trane to the town I'm studying in and travel around with the bus. It's uncomplicated and I like it.