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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

School pt. 2

School annoys me even more lately. It's because of how much I must study.
Chemistry problem book.
It's mostly chemistry and biology, however Russian gives me a hard time too. I don't have time to blog, so unfortunately I'll post and comment less often than I was so far. Sorry for that, hope to get back to normal soon.


  1. damn man, so glad i'm done with school . for now anyway

  2. Good luck with all your studies, it's definitely more important than blogging so you shouldn't feel bad about having to give up blogtime for a while.

  3. Russian is such a ahard language, but I'm starting turkish soon so :D

  4. i always wanted to start turkish since my girlfriend is currently living as a model in istanbul. i dont like to hear the language very much though :C

  5. whoa Russian! sounds intense

  6. If you need help in Russian dl Rosetta Stone. It truly is an amazing program.