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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Soft drinks (so that there's no spoiler in the title)

This post is NOT an advertisement. It's just my opinion and screw the trademarks.

Name an awesome soft drink? Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, tonic, some sodas. Name the most awesome soft drink? Cherry fucking Coke. I don't usually swear in here, but Cherry Coke makes me so excited.
It's Cherry Coke. IT'S CHERRY COOOOKE!
It's my sixth year in the school I'm currently attending (3+3 for gymnasium and lyceum which together make a secondary school). Every day I buy at least a tin of Cherry Coke. It's the drink of the gods, it's AMBROSIA! I call it the taste of school. That taste makes me nearly orgasmic. God, I want a Cherry Coke factory next to my home...
...or a vending machine at least. There's a vending machine at my school (that's why there's so easy to get some Cherry) and it makes my so happy I couldn't live without it.
My love <3
What's your favourite drink?


  1. not much of a soda drinker, my fav is water lol

  2. Cherry FUCKING Coke is awesome. Nuff said.

  3. I like that cherry coke design.

    My favorite soft drink, or sparkling drink how you say it in Poland, would probably be Dr. Pepper.

  4. i know the feeling you have, for me it is bubble tea and gelato!!!

    Bubble tea is this amazing concoction available in the states, but its from Taiwan I think--super sweet flavored teas with little balls of tapioca inside.

  5. I'm on a diet so right now I don't drink any of these things but Cherry Coke is SO FUCKING SWEET it's disgusting.

    [x] Fante =)

  6. Soft drink was the word I was supposed to use. Sparkling would be a literal translation from Polish.

  7. Yeah I'd have to go with milk lol. Though mountain dew is a personal fav