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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Student drivers

Everybody knows them, every driver has been one of them. I shouldn't complain about them, for I was one of them only a year ago. There's something annoying about them anyway.
One of the student cars. Mitsubishi Colt. It's an exam car for drivers here in my town.
Noticed the L on the roof? This means it's a student driver.
Every spring and summer they burst onto the streets. Literally! There is one student driver on another!
All people can make mistakes. Especially at the beginning of doing something. I understand. The problem is, that when there is SO MUCH student drivers here, the traffic is being slowed down very much and you're afraid when you're approaching a junction. That's making me crazy!
Another student car. Toyota Yaris.
Student cars are specific and different from normal cars. On the outside they are marked with an L board and extra mirrors for the teacher. On the inside there are extra brake and clutch pedals for the teacher.
Note: most of cars in Poland have manual gearbox.

What is your experience with student drivers? Tell me.

I'm going to the hills today, so updates will be posted automatically. I'll check your updates and answer comments tomorrow.


  1. totally agree, they are the worst..

  2. I'm so glad that I can't/don't drive. I think I would actually rage so hard....

  3. Not sure if you have them there, but here in Australia, we have roundabouts, and the student drivers (as well as oldies) always cut into your lane halfway through and almost crash into you.

    It's almost worth them doing it though, because I get to scare the crap out of them with a great big honk. :)

  4. An L?
    What does that stand for?
    And don't tell me "loser"...

  5. @Jesse Brooks
    We have them here also and they are also a pain in the ass for the student drivers (as well as those nearly bald old men with a inch-thick glasses). Honking at them is really pleasant though :D

    It stands for learner I think.

  6. I think everyone was that guy one day, so we should all just be patient with these people

  7. it's unfair to say it, as everybody was a student driver sometime, but: they suck, but I don't rage if I have to drive behind them.. I've been driving for five years now, maybe I'll be less tolerant when I'm older :D

  8. 'L' for Learner.
    Everyone has to learn some time. Give the Losers some space and patience.

  9. I think student drivers are totally okay.

  10. Yep, it means learner. We had a yellow triangle on our car when we did testing.