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Monday, 28 March 2011


People talk much about freedom, liberty, rights, free market, capitalism etc. People think they are free. That's not true. The first example is surveillance.
Surveillance camera.
Public Domain.

What's so unusual about it? We're being observed all the time. The governments (yes, plural) collect information about every single citizen of Earth, beginning with the date of conception, never ending. The only possibility is that each person in your widely-understood family would die and leave no children. Otherwise they collect every data possible.

Let's follow a typical man in the street:
  • Parents have sex in the back seat of dad's car.
  • 1 month later mother notices there's something wrong with in her abdominals. She goes to a doctor, finds out she's pregnant.
The time between realisation and birth is irrelevant for us, but they know everything about grandparents denying their responsibility, mum crying her eyes out etc.
  • He's being born. What an unexpected thing.
  • He grows a little. At the age of 2 learns to speak.
  • One year later he goes to kindergarten. He's not a perfect kid for that, but he's accepted by the teachers.
  • After reaching the appropriate age (depending on country) he goes to primary school. He's not the best, but not the worst - average. He's being bullied for all these years, hoping for an end...
  • ...which doesn't come. Secondary school is the same, only the bullying isn't about food and cash any more, but it's about drugs, alcohol and cash. How unexpected.
  • University - drinking and studying. Some financial problems force him to get a part-time job. He's getting even worse at studying. Life is hard.
  • Graduation! Congratulations, you have now been officially given the title of unemployed.
  • Few years later he gets a job. Not a well paid one, but still a job.
  • Oh girl, you're so fine! Marry me!
  • Oh no! What do you mean by pregnant?!
  • The family is living pretty rough. Nothing special, no leisure. 
  • Retirement? I'm too young!
  • Death? I'm too young!
They know everything with all those omitted details we would never think about.
By Rafał Drożdżewski. CC 3.0
They can see all the roads. Whatever we do, they can see it. Every wrong turn, forgotten blinker, unfastened seatbelts. Everything. They watch every step you take.
I'm not talking about the Soviet Union. It's happening here and now - in the West (as we used to call it). Socialism (more communism, learn the difference if you don't know it yet) is still among us. In fact, most of the countries are ruled by socialists, than they are by capitalists. Even the United States, which everybody used to call a truly free country has become as socialist as the eastern communist countries. In the beginning of the 19th century. Watch Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism and then you'll know exactly what I mean.
By Xavier Snelgrove. CC 2.5
Remember - Big Brother is watching every step you take.

Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen.
George Orwell

This article is written by me in whole and no text was copied from any other site, except for the George Orwell's quote I used. It's my pure subjective opinion.


  1. I think the cycle of life that you posted was all too accurate. It's sad that we have come to the point of procreation the way it is. We're bored so we make a baby. As for Big Brother watching, this is the most unsettling point about today's society. I don't like the idea of someone watching me all the time; it's creepy.

  2. My favourite quote of all time (thought it was somewhat relevant):

    "If there is any hope, it lies in the proles."

    I just love paradoxes.

  3. I don't believe the surveillance itself is a bad thing, it's when surveillance of that scale falls into the wrong hands and/or if corrupt leaders come into power.

    Also most footage is deleted at the end of the day aswell (unless an eventful situation occured), hardly any is stored. This will surely change though as technology advances, I'm sure.

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  4. I find it sad that people always need to know exactly what is going on.

  5. Here we have very low public survailence. I don't believe that more cameras would do any good to lower the crime rate.

  6. Again real interisting keep up the good work!

  7. great blog, following ;)

  8. interesting read, followed!

  9. Good post man, Survailance of the public reminds me of the movie "eagle eye" ... creepy +follow.

  10. you bring up some good points, and i agree with what your saying.

  11. great post man, no matter where you go there is always a camera on you

  12. i believe those cameras can actually zoom in too.

  13. I couldnt agree more, nice blog,

  14. stoppin by for an update check, i'm sad to see there isn't one.

  15. Surveillance cameras in the US have nothing to do with socialism. More often than not they are from private companies, ATMs, and paranoid neighbors. The only government surveillance cameras I've ever seen are on government buildings, inside police cars (for your protection from brutalist cops), and at traffic intersections to catch those who run red lights. I'm not condoning surveillance, but it hasn't got anything to do with socialism - that's just a form of economics. And a good one at that - capitalism is evil when unchecked.

  16. Fu**** depraved big brother.

  17. As time goes on, more and more of this will be seen.

  18. yup....its gonna progress i wonder whos gonna do anything. followeddd

  19. quite annoying to a private people.

  20. that's quiet frightening view of our future ...

  21. man i see cams filming cams in my block

  22. i see cams filming cams sometimes..silly huh

  23. I know in europe they have a lot of security cameras around. I haven't noticed as many here, but it still ends up pretty annoying when they are stepping on your feet every step you try to take.

  24. Are you watching me :O
    hah, interesting dude. keep it up!

  25. ♦♦♦ The FSB is watching you товарищ !! ♦♦♦

  26. Bastards spying on us whenever they can! NOT GOOD!

  27. Big brother is watching... and he doesn't like what he sees you nasty pervert.

  28. Shhit well no one ever said 1984 was over!

  29. Everybody thought George Orwell was right, but it seems as if Huxley is the true prophet in today's world.

  30. You might like to consider whether the difference between Soviet communism and democratic socialism is the 'right' to be unemployed.