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Friday, 1 April 2011

Capital punishment

It's the ultimate penalty. I think it's necessary.
Lethal injection chamber, San Quentin prison. PD

In Poland there is no death penalty. You can be given at most life imprisonment. Even though you can get out after about 30 years if you behave well. That's insane. A murderer and a rapist can be free again. In most cases, he murders and rape again. He feels lawless, invincible, because he can be free again.
For comparison let's look at tax forgery. A fraud can be given life without the ability to get out for good behaviour. Is this justice? Not at all. This is the state caring of its own business without thinking about its people.

Let's have a look at the penalty-reward system all pedagogy students are being taught. Punishment has to be:
  • Adequate - if the culprit stole something, he has to pay it back + pay a fine as a compensation. If he raped somebody, he should be deprived of the possibility to rape.
  • Proportional - if he stole $10000, he should give it back + pay a fine equal to that. If he stole $500, he should give it back and pay a fine. The first one has to pay $20000, the second $1000. Those penalties are both proportional to their crimes.

So what motivation (positive or negative) for a murderer, a fraud, a robber or a rapist to get better is given when they are imprisoned for life? None. They get even worse through the society inside the prisons.

Enough said. I could spend hours discussing it, but it would be too long and I might uncover the point of this post, which I meant to leave for you: think about it.


  1. strange point of view.
    but well, if you think so, it's your right to blog about it!

  2. The justice system in the United States, and indeed, most of the world, is antiquated and needs a complete overhaul. The biggest gripe I have is all the marijuana law "violators." People, essentially, being thrown in prison and/or fined ludicrous amounts of money just because some people in the early 1900's decided to slander marijuana and marijuana users with propaganda. It makes me sick that pedophiles and people with assault & battery charges can get out on technicalities, or get out on good behavior, but people who smoke weed have their lives ruined. It's bullshit.

  3. It's not necessary. It's a necessary evil.

    I do agree that capital punishment should be legal IF and only IF there is absolutely NO doubt of the criminal's guilt.

  4. We had a debate about this one of my college classes, and it did say something about American culture on the thing. I was probably the only non-republican supporting the death penalty. Where it should be used with great discretion under dire circumstances. However, I feel marijuana, though not a user myself, should be legalized. It is sad when we have pedophiles who admit that they need help, but cannot get it because the jails are filled with minor drug offenders. These pedophiles end up homeless because of the strict rules in communities, therefore making them harder to track and a larger problem on society. The death penalty doesn't solve that. But the death penalty provides real results and a deterrent for those who would cause crime. But see, so much money goes into the legal system because these crimes occur. The system doesn't want to deter the crimes, it wants to moderate them for the maximum payout under public scrutiny.

  5. Death by any mean is the answer for the ignorant. Nowadays, jail = place where you hang out with your fellow criminals. It shouldn't be like that. You should be treated in order to get you into society again.

    And it's proven that it doesn't work.

  6. I don't agree with capital punishment. I could go into detail about this, but summed up into one simple sentence, my opinion is this: Two wrongs do not make a right.

  7. you have a good point. however, taking a life is never easy....

  8. Well instead of giving someone the death sentence, it'd be more productive if you actually put them for work. Death is an easy way out imo.

  9. I don't think we should let murderers back into the population ever again, but I'm against the death penalty (most of the time). thought-provoking blog, following.

  10. I'm starting to rethink my position on capital punishment.

  11. I believe that this debate can only be done when the social aspects of driving someone to commit a crime punishable by the death penalty are removed.

    This is why, for me, neither of these positions have enough arguments to win this debate [and trust me, I've debated about this from all sides on my uni debating club workshops/tournaments].

    On the other hand, the psychological background for a crime that can lead to this kind of punishment can be separated into - mentally deranged that should be removed from society, but not killed and those that do it for the thrill that should be put to death.

  12. strange point of view... i dont agree to capital punishment

  13. lol this may be a strange thing to say, but i think it actually looks quite comfy lol

  14. Your blog, your views

    + Follower

  15. 30 years is a lot of years though. You still have a point.

  16. it's hard to figure out. like, I think maybe they should just get there hands and legs chopped off if they murdered someone, or if they raped someone, their dick cut off and put in their mouth. but that's just my opinion man

  17. actually I'm in favour of putting them to work in a dead-end job. death is an easy way out, almost too generous for some. make them work in a steel mill or something