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Friday, 1 April 2011

ZUS - Social Insurance Institution

This post will be about ZUS. Let's start with a Wikipedia article fragment:

Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (Social Insurance Institution, abbreviation ZUS) - Polish state-owned organizational unit responsible for social insurance matters, operating since 1934. ZUS is supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych carries out following tasks:
  • establishing the entitlement to social insurance benefits,
  • paying-out of social insurance benefits,
  • assessment and collection of social insurance and health insurance contributions and contributions to the Labour Fund and the Fund of Guaranteed Employee Benefits,
  • maintaining individual accounts of the insured and accounts of contribution payers.
ZUS is organized into field organizational units which includes: branches, inspectorates and field offices . The national network of ZUS organizational units includes 325 units, of which 43 branch offices, 216 inspectorates and 66 local offices.

Glorious institution, isn't it? It's just a theory. In reality it's totally different.

Note: everybody must use ZUS' services. It's the law. Obey.
Every time you earn your salaries, the employer has to give you contracted (hypothetically, for simplifying the calculation, but to make the proportions still visible) $2000. But from that money he has to pay some taxes, blah blah blah, and social care/insurance. There's a 20%-$16,7 PIT (Personal Income Tax). Let's calculate:
Base: $2000
PIT: -$383,3
Retirement fund: -$390,40
Other ZUS payments (including social healthcare): - $562,40

All that means: if your salary is $2000, you receive only $664 to your hand. Sad but true. Don't even mention VAT (Value Added Tax) you pay each time you go shopping.

Retirement fund is $390,40. Theoretically: if you work for 40 years (25-65 y.o.) and after that live on a pension for 20 years (65-85 y.o.) you should get $780,80 every month. WRONG! You get at most $400. Where the hell is the rest of your money? ZUS ate it. Literally.

Summary: ZUS is robbing citizens. Because of socialism.

Please notice again: calculation I made are not accurate. They are used only for the realisation of proportions of payment in Poland and the thievery of ZUS.


  1. socialism is no good but on the other hand capitalism isnt doing much better here these days

  2. I'm starting to rethink my position on socialism

  3. its not even better in germany
    well a little bit but not much

  4. I agree. Socialism is unfair. They say that you have to be socialized for your own good but don't give you a choice. It's more like despotism.

  5. Those bastards need to burn man !