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Thursday, 23 February 2012


Well hello there! It's been a while since my last post and it certainly felt long. I'm terribly sorry for my lack of reliability and I promise I'll do better this time.

Much has changed lately. I went to the university last october and since then there's been much more things annoying me than before.

Let's have an example: I live in a dorm (a coed one, but I think it's irrelevant now) inside a so-called student town - a complex made of dorms and administration buildings with all needed facilities. You could live, study and work without even leaving the town, if you went to the proper university and lived in a proper dorm.
There isn't many things annoying me about living here, but there is one plague pissing me off to the limits: leaflets. <--- Correct me if I got the translation of this word wrong.

Some leaflets at my door. 
They are everywhere. It's perfectly normal to advertise, but WHY THE HELL do those companies put their leaflets everywhere so often?! This way they don't even do what they are supposed to do. Imagine: there is a dance studio that brings us some leaflets every 2-3 weeks. How are we supposed to even think about joining them if they are so persistent? The effect they're getting is the opposite of what they want, so what's the damn point of doing this?
I understand food companies making kebab, pizza or something similar, because students eat much junk food and the advertising might actually convince them to change their favourite provider. But dance studios? Kick-boxing clubs? What makes them think people would come to them if they still aren't interested after dozens of leaflets delivered right to their door? I don't get it and I'm afraid I never will.
More of them...
...and more...
...and the last one I made a photo of.
Why the photos? I have no idea.