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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 - Motorways

I live in Poland, one of two host countries of The 2012 European UEFA Football Championship (yes, Americans, you play it by kicking a ball with your foot, so it's the proper football). It's a great sport event, that forces Poland and Ukraine to develop much faster, brings many tourists not only for the matches, but also to see everything else our countries can offer. However it's not always as good as the officials want us to think it is.
(click to enlarge)

There were magnificent plans to build motorways between all major Polish cities. As you have probably already guessed, it's all been a total disaster since the beginning. The number of problems is so big I can't even explain half of them in detail, so I won't.
General list of some of the problems:
- unreliable companies
- broke companies
- workers stealing the road's base
- dishonest biddings
- lying officials
- clerks giving wrong permissions
...and many more. It all led to a disaster, that Poles call "Polish motorways"

Originally all of these motorways were planned to be finished  before Euro 2012.
Actual state:
Green - built on time
Red - under construction
Yellow - planned for the future (WTF?)
"+" - built on time
"-" - currently off schedule
"+/-" - slightly off schedule
"?" - not enough information. That's interesting.
Don't mind the texts in Polish, they're not that important right now.

In addition: in each litre of fuel you tank on any petrol station in Poland, there's something called road tax. I pay for driving on national roads while tanking, so why the hell are there toll booths? I paid once, so I should be free to enter any road in Poland without any additional payments, but NO! I have to pay each time I enter and leave a motorway. Some of the sectors are free to use, but there's not many of them.

There's much more to be annoyed with, but I'm too pissed off to write everything at once. There'll be more soon...

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