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Saturday, 7 July 2012


Matura exam. Similar to the British GCSE and American high school finals is something we call the examination of maturity. Obviously it has nothing to do with being mature. Doesn't have much to do with what we had in school either.
The Republic of Poland, Certificate of Maturity
The header of a certificate of maturity which you receive with the results of your exam (WHAAAAT?)
Well first of all, if I had to describe what you need to know for a 100%-result on the exam, I'd use a chart like the one you will see below:
A badly drawn circle chart
That's how most situations look like. Sometimes there's a teacher who would actually screw all the school stuff for the exam stuff and that teacher is a real treasure. But out of about 10 teachers I had in secondary school, there was only one who did that.

But that's no all. Matura is divided to exams in different subjects: Polish language, modern foreign language and mathematics (which are mandatory) and 0 to 4 (or even more, can't remember) optional subjects. And the Polish language exam is what I wanted to get more into detail about.
What should a language exam be about? Understanding language, some basic grammar knowledge and writing. To some degree it is that way, but the most important thing is to answer like the mystical key. You have to know exactly what they want you to answer that particular question. Even if the question is What do you think about...?, How would you explain...? or even What's your attitude...?. You can't have your own opinion, you have to answer exactly the way they want you to.
Also you have to interpret a poem, or another short literary work and write a long form about it. However, you can't exactly do what you're told to do. You have to know from school, what the author meant, otherwise you'll probably get a lousy result or no points at all. Don't even try to interpret! You must know!
As a proof of how wrong it is, Wisława Szymborska (a famous Polish writer, a Nobel Prize winner) took a modern matura exam a few years ago (I don't know why) and faith decided, that she had to interpret her own work! Now guess what: she barely passed, because she didn't know what the poet meant! Yeaaaah! Matura FTW!

So let's learn what other people meant even though they didn't mean it and pass exams high! Woohoo!


  1. lol so you learn a whole lot of nothing?

  2. that diagram is so accurate.... :(

  3. that diagram is public school in a nutshell

  4. @Jay, Shaw
    Exactly. Enough said.
    I never thought that it was the same way in other countries. We hear much about how superior to ours are education systems in Germany, France, UK, US and Canada (these are the countries mostly used as examples) but the more I interact with people around the world the more I realise, that it isn't so great there either. Shit.