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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Public transport pt. 2

As some of you might remember, I have already written about public transport, but something made me write another post.
An extraordinary thing happened earlier today. I was travelling by tram to the city centre, but suddenly we stopped. The driver left his cockpit and told all passengers, that we can't go any further, because the tracks bulged due to the heat and a substitute bus will arrive at the nearest stop. It all happened in Cracow, on Wielicka street.

Me and my girlfriend went to the nearest bus stop and waited for a bus. It arrived shortly, but there's something pretty unusual about what was going on. Passengers that just left 2 3-car trams and a 2-car one were to board a single 12-meter bus. We felt so squeezed, there was no need to hold on to anything. The people-mass was holding itself just by being so packed.

Some people tried to board the bus at few next stops, but they didn't succeed. A few moments later I decided to take my phone out and take some photos. The first one was everything I could see in before me, and the second one is everything I could see behind me.

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 33°C outside. The bus was an old Jelcz M121 MB, so there was no air conditioning and it was smelly and boiling hot inside. After I took the pics my girlfriend decided to take a photo from her perspective, so take a look :D

A few stops later we got off the bus, but there still was more to happen. It was the Plac Bohaterów Getta stop and we saw a 6 tram, which shouldn't even go this way. We boarded it anyway and it got on it's proper track as soon as possible and it suited us quite well.
About 2 hours later, when we we're about to take a tram back home we saw a few of them, that were as full as the substitute bus.
Imagine all the people...
All that reminded me of a song Polska by Kult. The translation's below.


Sunrise in the morning, sunrise in the morning
When I go along the sea in Sopot
On the dirty sandy beach
The Baltic Sea smells of petroleum
Morning sidewalks
When I go, I don't talk to anyone
How it is on sunday mornings
The sidewalks are puked all over
after the parties on saturday nights
I live in Poland
I live in Poland
I live here, here, here, here
Concerts in the afternoons
Full of brain-deads in security service
They are looking around, because their arms are itching
They love to beat more and more
Some imaginary adventures again
When I enter the stony stairs
Many of these drunken guys are trying to provoke me
Tomorrow they will meet at church
I live in Poland
I live in Poland
I live here, here, here, here
Night shops with milk
And I'm watching what's going on in front of the shop
The crowd puts its fists to someone's face
They demand capital punishment for him
Morning trains again
I stand still and look at the freaks in uniforms
Have you ever been at our train station at night
It is so dirty and ugly that the eyes are cracking,
the eyes, the eyes
I live in Poland
I live in Poland
I live here, here, here, here
Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here...

There's no moral to this story, I just wanted to share an unpleasant experience. Or maybe there is one: when it's really hot, don't take a tram!


  1. The bus can turn into a sauna really quick in hot heat

  2. hahah oh how i hate public transport. suckers. as for the link to the comic, there was none, well there was, but it 404's within some time.

  3. I love Kraków's public transport, because it can take you anywhere in the city and it often does it faster than a car. My love stops whenever something unexpected happens.

  4. It's a pity no one climbed onto the railing near the ceiling and fanned the passengers below. If a chimpanzee had been there I would have ordered him to do it.