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Thursday, 5 July 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 - merchandise

Before I start complaining about yet another downside of the championship, I'd like to say, that I'm glad and extremely proud of the UEFA Euro 2012 organizers.
Journalists from all around the world congratulate us. This is something, that makes me most joyful.

But, as always, there's something pretty annoying about it.


Traders have come up with a brilliant idea: Hey! Let's sell all that stuff we were selling until now, but put a football on it and add "supporter's" to the name and raise the price significantly!" <great applause>. Yes, you can buy supporter's: crisps, peanuts, kefir, TicTacs, generally every type of snack. But, who the hell invented the supporter's watermelon? When I heard about it, I wouldn't believe. There are pics, so it's proven. God...
This is how an entrance to my home town's Tesco looks like. Supporter's sector, supporter's floor, supporter's racks and every other thing you would normally find inside, but with that lovely prefix.

Aaaaaaaaaand the very thing everybody was waiting for: the supporter's watermelon!

Every pic (excluding the first one, which is mine) belong to Hosz. Thanks!


  1. Maybe you can play football with the water melon. I'd like to try giving it a diving header.

  2. Poland is wicked awesome.

  3. @Gorilla Bananas
    That's one of things that came to my mind, however I never had enough balls to do it :D

    There are balls everywhere now. Like in the picture, where Buzz Lightyear shows something to Woody with a caption "balls, balls everywhere".

    I'd say it really is, but I never had the opportunity to compare it with another country well enough ;)

  4. lol, that watermelon is nuts

  5. You should have mention about who paid for that supporter's fever(;